Angle grinders are versatile tools that can cut through and grind almost any type of material. From metals, tile, and stucco, to pavers, rout out mortar, and even limestone, an angle grinder can grind it all. Add the fact that it’s now cordless and you have a completely convenient tool that’s a great addition to your DIY tool kit. However, as a home DIY-er, how do you use it? A cordless angle grinder can be daunting for beginners. But don’t worry – we got you covered! In this article, we’re going to show you how you can use your cordless grinder for any material.



Metal Cleaning


Angle grinders are great when cleaning different kinds of metals. Keep in mind that you’ll need to attach a wire brush onto the power tool to use it for cleaning metals. Once you do, you can clean rust and caked-on cement, as well as dirt from garden tools. You can secure work with clamps or a vice. Make sure that the brush is spinning away from the edge, instead of into it. Otherwise, it can catch on the side and cause the grinder to malfunction and kick right back at you. Other things you can do with an angle grinder for metal cleaning include pain removal.


Cut Bars, Bolts and Rods


You can cut different type of bars using a cordless angle grinder. To do this, mount a metal cutoff wheel in your angle grinder. Prop the long side of the rebar and hold it firmly. Once everything is set, start dropping off the cutoff wheel through the metal, allowing the weight of the tool to do most of the work. Let the short end drop freely to avoid binding the blade.


Cutting Concrete, Stone, and Tile


When cutting stone, tile and concrete, make sure you mark the outline of the cut accurately on both the back and front of the material. Clamp the tile to your workbench and score the shape about 1/8-inch on the front using the diamond blade. After you’ve made the first score, finish the cut on the back. Flip the tile and cut through from the back. Extend the cuts slightly past the lines at the corners to make crisp, square corners. Keep in mind the cutting ceramic or stone tiles to fit around outlets and obstructions are difficult with standard tile cutters. But with an angle grinder fitted with a dry-cut diamond wheel, you can make work of these difficult cuts and make your life easier.



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