Missing teeth can be a hindrance for some people to express themselves properly or be confident about who they are. Whether it’s an injury, tooth decay, or other reasons that made you lose your teeth, you may want to consider Lidums-Dental for dental implants to replace the lost tooth or teeth.

What are dental implants? Can these substitutes work as well as dentures or the original teeth?

In Adelaide, many people already have dental implants due to the clear benefits that come with this particular dental procedure. Gone were the days when only dentures and bridges were available to substitute missing teeth.

Implants become permanent after they fuse with the jaw bone. They will look like real teeth even through time. You just have to be patient as you wait for the implants to merge completely with your jaws.

Unlike dentures, dental implants from Lidums-Dental will not slip or fall off when you eat, laugh, or speak. In classic funny videos, many people experienced falling dentures during critical events. The last thing you need is poor-fitting dentures that could fall off at the most crucial moment!

Comfort is one of the primary reasons why people today prefer implants over bridges or dentures. Since implants will become part of your oral cavity through time, the feeling of discomfort will only be during the healing and fusing period.

So far, people who went through a dental implant have expressed satisfaction and added confidence as they go about their daily activities. The feeling of anxiousness over the potential slipping of dentures is eliminated, and you don’t have to worry about pain management once your oral cavities are completely healed from the procedure.

Implants are the closest thing you’ll ever get in terms of achieving healthy, strong teeth. Dental experts recommend the procedure to people who have lost their teeth. However, not everyone is fit for implant surgery. This is because some people have weak jaws.

Your dentist will first assess the condition of your oral cavities. If your jawbones are strong enough for the implants to fuse with, you will be scheduled for the procedure. If you have weak jawbones, you will most likely be referred to a different treatment plan that will suit your oral conditions better.

The number of people in Adelaide obtaining dental implants has grown over the past years. If you think an implant will suit you best, consult with your dental expert. Follow your dentist’s advice, regardless of what his or her recommendation is. After all, your dentist only wants what is best for your oral health and overall wellbeing.