Brass door handles are a great way to bring extra style and flair into your home while keeping with the times. Many people are turning to brass doorknobs as an affordable way to add a little bit of personality to their homes without paying a ton of money. They make a great addition to an entryway, bedroom or even office and kitchen. These can also be used for a variety of other doors in the home and are very economical.

One of the most popular Lo&CoInteriors brass door handles is the Melamine brass knob. Most manufacturers now provide their brass door handles, hinges and ironmongery in an Oil-rubbed and lacquered finish. It means that the brass material is given a highly high-tech polished finish, and a thin lacquer coating is put on the item to keep that high-tech glossy finish from bubbling and washing away with soap and water. These handles are so popular because they are so easy to clean and the lacquer coating that protects them against dirt and stains.


If you are not interested in spending money on Lo&CoInteriors brass door handles, you may want to try cloth for an experiment. All you will need for this project is a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol. First, gently rub the door handles with the fabric until you have removed any oil or dirt particles, and then wipe the surface with the alcohol. The cloth will allow you to see how the brass knobs react to this rubbing process, and it will give you a good idea of how clean and shiny the piece should be.

Another popular choice among those looking for Lo&CoInteriors brass door handles is the round rose knob. The round rose lever handle is widespread in many bathrooms, kitchen sinks, and showers and is a great place to start when choosing a decorative handle as well as one that will match the design of the rest of the fixtures in the room. There are a lot of different designs available, including Victorian lever handles in various sizes and shapes and a lot of different finishes that can be applied to them to achieve the look you want. The round rose handle is also very easy to clean and can help make your bathroom, sink, or shower look even better than it did the first time you installed it.

The last of the choices for brass door handles are the bronze handles. Like the brass door handles, the bronze handles are relatively easy to install and come in various designs. Bronze lever doors can be made out of multiple materials, including copper, silver, gold, brass, and more, and the invention can be a combination of these materials or just one of them. Bronze door handles may also come with a brass plate attached to the lever itself to help make it look a bit more professional.