Ceramic car paint protection, otherwise known as ceramic coatings, have been marketed to enthusiastic car owners who are looking for the most excellent way to protect their precious vehicles. But is this popular method really the best way to safeguard your car’s paintwork? Let’s find out as we discuss the pros and cons of ceramic paint protection for cars.


What You Need to Know About Ceramic Car Coating

We wouldn’t want to be too technical – so we’ll explain it in the simplest way possible. Ceramic coating is made from inorganic ingredients that bond with your paintwork the moment it’s applied to your car’s surface. After it cures and dries, a ceramic coating will garden and become a semi-permanent sealant. Ceramic coating is hard as metal – it’s not like wax that can melt quickly. In fact, it can go as high as 9H when on a mineral hardness scale. That’s how protected your vehicle is going to be when you use ceramic car paint protection. While they may not be permanent, they last ten-folds longer than waxes.


Pros of Ceramic Car Coating

  • Once correctly applied and cured, a ceramic car coat will make your car feel smooth and look extremely bright and shiny.
  • The coating is hydrophobic; so you won’t have to worry about it succumbing to the outdoor elements quickly.
  • Washing and rinsing your car is usually more than enough to restore its shine and glossiness. You won’t need to polish or wax it.
  • Since it’s hard as a rock, the ceramic coating has a high degree of scratch resistance as well.
  • Just imagine going through mud, rain, and other contaminants without them sticking to your paint. That’s how durable and reliable ceramic car coatings


Cons of Ceramic Car Coating

While you’ve been amazed by all the fantastic perks that ceramic car paint protection can provide, they also have several downsides as well that’s worth knowing.


  • The first notable downside is the application. You’ll need to hire a professional detailer to apply the coating to your car.
  • If you’re inexperienced, never DIY this process! The moment the coating hardens; they will be very tough to remove. That means any flaw of error that you commit during application may not be fixed right away.
  • Just imagine putting too much coat and ending up with an uneven layer of ceramic coating. It will take severe polishing and even constant sanding to correct.


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