Choosing your first daycare or child daycare facility is both a daunting and exciting prospect. No matter the specific qualities you’re seeking, it is smart to begin researching early and applying for multiple programs, as space is frequently limited. Most childcare centres offer flexible hours during the week so that parents may keep their children in their care on alternate nights. However, childcare centres are also very different from daycare in many ways. Here are a few of the differences that you should look for when selecting a childcare centre:

It’s important to choose a childcare centre that is licensed and insured to provide services. While most daycares are licensed and regulated by local regulatory agencies, some childcare centres are not, which makes them a safer place for your kids. Make sure that you ask for verification that the centre is licensed and regulated. A list of current members of the Child Development Association can be obtained online, and you should inquire about any complaints filed with the licensing agency.

Ask for a brochure detailing all of the current programs and activities offered at the childcare centre. Find out what kinds of enrichment classes are available, such as art and music therapy, computer and laptop skills training, foreign languages, and physical education. Many childcare centres offer various social-therapeutic, therapeutic, and educational programs that parents can choose from to supplement any other education provided at home or school. Be sure to find out if the centre offers these programs.

Find out about after-school and summer programs. Many daycares will have a few select enrichment classes like music lessons and computer training that they offer for a minimal fee. Others offer fun activities, like ice-skating, crafts, or games for kids. After-school and summer programs can help children develop skills that they might otherwise not have.

Ask about the qualifications of the staff members working at the childcare centre. Ensure that each of them has gone through an initial training session with an expert instructor and that the instructor is certified in CPR and first aid. Most childcare centres also have a sitter available in case of an emergency. Ask if the sitter is screened for health and social background before being hired.

Ask about the hours of operation and whether your child can come early enough to take part in all of them. Some childcare centres are open twenty-four hours a day; others operate only during certain times on weekdays. Inquire about their menu options and whether you can bring your own food to eat. A good BurnsideAdvanceELC childcare centre will provide a wide range of nutritious choices for its clients.