Our Carpet Cleaning Method:

The term “Encapsulation” refers to the soil particles in your carpet fibres becoming surrounded by chemical agents.

The “encapsulation” cleaning solution (chemical agent) is applied to the carpet surface. A slow speed scrubbing machine gently massages the solution into the carpet fibres, grabbing hold of, and surrounding the dirt and soil particles and then crystallizing as it dries, so that no other carpet fibers can hold onto these dirt and soil particles any more.
Once “encapsulated”, the dirt and soil particles are separated from the carpet fibers ready to be vacuumed up when dry.

To allow even more separation of soil particles from the carpet fibres, we suggest you allow at least 24 hours before vacuuming. – although drying time will normally only take around one hour.

When you have your carpets cleaned with the usual cleaning detergents and chemicals, even when using professional “steam cleaning” companies, we often find that stains or soiling that may have been removed during the clean, have returned within a short period of time.  Those detergents and cleaning chemicals have left a residue in your carpet fibres that act as little magnets for soil in the future.

With the encapsulation method, the cleaning solution (chemical agent) binds to dirt and crystallizes before being vacuumed up. No chemical residue is left behind to attract soil, so your old stains will not gradually re-appear. Your carpet will now stay cleaner for longer.

* Dries Quickly (approx one hour)
* No chemical residue left behind
* Carpets stay cleaner for longer