The Essential Steps:

1/ Using an upright, commercial quality vacuum cleaner, we thoroughly vacuum all cleared areas of carpet, and also the surrounding skirtings.

· As up to 85% of soil in carpets is “Dry” soil, the majority of this soil will be removed from your carpet by dry vacuuming, which also removes the risk of turning these soils into mud when moistened from other cleaning processes.

2/ We then apply hot pre-spray of “Encapsulation” solution to each area to be cleaned, paying special attention to specific spots, marks or stains.

3/ Next, we brush in the Pre-spray solution to penetrate into corner areas, edges and any loosened seams.

4/ Using the Encapsulation Cleaning Machine and soft cleaning pads, we gently massage the Encapsulation solution into the carpets, releasing soil particles from the carpet fibres, ready for removal with dry vacuuming.

· Although drying time will normally take around one hour, we suggest you allow at least 24 hours before vacuuming, as this gives the Encapsulation solution more time to “crystallize” providing more thorough separation of soil particles from the carpet fibres.

5/ Next, we will wipe over any splashes of solution from surrounding hard floors using an absorbent cotton mop.

6/ When necessary, using a hard-bristled broom, we then groom the carpet pile to allow the air to circulate through the fibres to aid faster drying, whilst also giving the carpet more “body” when dry.