Latest Technology takes Commercial  Carpet Cleaning by Storm!

The latest advance in carpet cleaning technology has produced a method called “Encapsulation Cleaning”. This new method has taken the carpet cleaning industry by storm and has now replaced the “Steam Cleaning” method of many cleaners due to it’s effectiveness together with the added convenience of FAST DRYING – (approx one hour.)

In commercial situations like businesses, offices, libraries, schools and kindergartens, Encapsulation Cleaning is absolutely the BEST suited method of cleaning due to the speed of drying – approx ONE Hour! This means, when you arrive for work the next day, the carpets are both clean and DRY, with none of that dreaded “wet dog” smell!

A written quote is provided (FREE of charge), and this quote takes into account the nature of your business and the fact that cleaning maintenance will be required to be performed outside of normal working hours.