As the name suggests, a data logger collects data using real-time sensors. While most songs can log their data, there is always a separate, dedicated data logger that can collect data from all connected sensors, ensuring no data is ever lost. The real-time data logger collects information in real-time using sensors and microprocessors. This type of datalogger in SA has many advantages. One such advantage is that it can collect data on demand.

Real-Time Logging Measurement Data is the most commonly used type of datalogger in SA. This type of measurement data logger is most commonly used in the field of law enforcement, firefighting, disaster response, mining, petroleum and other petroleum applications and at the same time as a tool for bio-scientific research. The use of a real-time logging measurement system is common in military applications. This type of measurement loggers can measure temperatures, humidity, barometric pressure and even GPS location.

Digital Pressure Gauge (DPG) is a common replacement for mechanical or analog gauges. DPGs are ideal for use in a wide variety of industries. For example, DPGs are commonly used to record and monitor equipment performance and can be used to determine the efficiency of machine tools. However, they are typically used for outdoor operations and can be adversely affected by low ambient temperatures. DPGs also suffer from very poor long term endurance and are subject to mechanical wear-and-tear.

Temperature and humidity sensing Data Logger (THM) A temperature and humidity sensor are commonly used in numerous types of data loggers. There are typically two types of temperature and humidity sensing units: analog and digital. The digital units work with temperature and pressure sensitivity. The temperature change is registered via serial cable or an analog voltage with an analog temperature and humidity sensing unit. Digital temperature and humidity units are less expensive but tend to have lower accuracy than their analog counterparts.

Computerized Data Acquisition Devices (CDAD) CDADs are computer systems that store data logging information in a videotape, hard drive or other data logger media. CDADs store data in real-time and allow users to retrieve the data logger information from a remote location. CDADs are ideal for environmental testing and research laboratories. CDAD systems can integrate with other computer applications for real-time control of various experiments.

Data logger products have several common components, including Sensors, Programmable Logic Sets, Software Programmable Logic Sets, Transfer circuits, C circuits and Data acquisition circuitry. Most data loggers come preinstalled with a set of standard connectors and wiring schematics. Some high-quality units are available with gold-plated connections and cables. There are many suppliers of datalogger in SA. These suppliers offer a wide range of products ranging from general-purpose devices to industrial and scientific sensors.