Espadrilles were never meant just to be a kind of footwear. First, they were used as a style statement and later, to hide their unpleasant heel nature. The “ESPADRILLES” moniker started in France, where they were known as espadrilles de guilt. In the early twentieth century, the espadrilles wedge had made its way to the United States and became synonymous with the style. No matter the occasion or the season, every lady should own a pair of espadrilles by Spendless Australia.

Depending on the design, most Espadrilles will have one or more prominent soles. The basic design is characterised by a round sole reinforced by metal studs and thin metal plates. The soles are designed to offer traction on smooth surfaces and provide an attractive alternative to mules and thongs. So whether you’re going on holiday, attending a wedding, or just going on a stroll around your neighbourhood, espadrilles made for the outdoors are ideal to complement your attire without sacrificing comfort. There are many styles and designs available in espadrilles; you can choose between wedge sandals, ankle-high espadrilles, high heeled espadrilles, and more.

When shopping for a pair, consider whether you want to purchase a single, double, or three quarter inch pair from your local boutique or department store. If you plan to purchase your espadrilles via the internet, look for canvas uppers in various sizes and designs. There are also different sole constructions such as slip-on, full-grain, suede, leather sole, canvas uppers with rubber soles, and more. In addition, there are many styles for every need, including ankle-high, knee-high, and full-length espadrilles suitable for a range of occasions.

One of the most popular types of espadrilles by Spendless Australia is the flat wedge that offers a lightweight and comfortable fit for any occasion. It offers the same versatility and durability as other styles of espadrilles. Flat wedges are a great choice for a summer vacation or a day out at the beach. Choose from classic sandal styles to sexy suede espadrilles featuring a bold wedge pattern. Classic flat wedges feature metal eyelets for secure closure and slip-on or non-slip patterns. Suede-like espadrilles featuring a bold colour are perfect for summer and come in numerous different styles, including boatneck, high, low, and tapered.

Mules are a very popular style of espadrilles and come in a wide range of sizes and patterns. Closed-toe, open toe and slip-on mules all have their unique look and are suitable for various occasions. Offering both comfort and style, mules also provide a practical solution for footwear that is not worn all year round. Mules differ from other espadrilles in that they feature a closed toe and a relatively large heel; these characteristics ensure that mules are great at providing maximum protection when one is out and about. On the other hand, slip-on mules feature an open toe and a flexible footbed, making them the perfect option for the day-to-night dress code.

Espadrilles by Spendless Australia, in general, are made from materials such as leather, suede, and jute. As a result, some espadrilles have an elfin appearance, while others are plain with a ribbed collar and corduroy or lace-up backs. Whether one chooses espadrilles with a suede, leather, or jute sole or made entirely of leather, corduroy, or leopard print, the ultimate goal is to have shoes that offer maximum protection against the perils of the outside world.