Mini split systems have left behind traditional window mounted units in the race for popularity and homeowner preference. Soon, people will be heading out to find something to augment the cooling power of their existing air conditioner with a Fujitsu system. After the dismal performance of their current AC this past season, you can’t blame them – and you are probably one of them knowing that you are reading this article.

Before getting your Fujitsu split system, let’s take a look first what split systems are and why they are the top choice these days.

There are three components in split systems.

Indoor unit

This unit contains an evaporator coil. You will need an indoor unit for each room you want to cool in your home.

Outdoor condensing unit

Each mini-split system requires only one outdoor unit; However, this can support up to four units depending on the model.

Refrigerant line assembly

Each indoor unit must be connected to an outdoor unit via a refrigerant line assembly. Different systems have enough refrigerant for a group of 25-foot pipes. You will need extra refrigerant for long distances.

Mini-split systems can be multi-zone or single-zone. Single-zone mini-split systems have a single indoor evaporator coil that is connected to the outdoor condensing unit. Two to four rooms, on the other hand, can efficiently cool down with only one outdoor condensing unit. However, the number of indoor units required depends on how much room you want to cool. For every room you want to cool, you put up a single indoor unit.

There are different mounting styles for indoor units. Many homeowners choose indoor wall units. They are installed using mounting brackets, and you can control the system via wireless remote control. If you opt for ceiling models, you must choose from three styles. Ceiling models can be recessed, suspended or concealed. Ceiling suspended units are mounted directly to the ceiling for easy removal. Ceiling recessed units have no projections during installation as they are placed inside the ceiling. The hidden units are almost entirely hidden, and there are only small openings for the hot or cold air outlet. With the different styles you can choose, you can get one that better fits the requirements of your home.

A heat pump is included in some systems. But to use it as the primary source of heat is not sufficient. They can function as a supplementary source, however.

Then there are the e-comfort mini-split systems. There are different benefits you can get when you install them. Not only are they small, but they are also versatile, and you will appreciate their flexibility to meet your home decor requirements. They can be used to heat rooms apart from cooling rooms.

However, the preferred brand is the Fujitsu split system. These models are Energy Star rated, and so they offer the potential to save on utility costs. Check out this brand, and you won’t be disappointed!