If you’ve been in the storage business for any amount of time, then you probably know by now that pallet freezer spacers are among the most important things to have in your warehouse. It is because every time a pallet is pulled from a freezer, it must be secured so it will not fall off and hurt someone. It is also the case when it comes to stacking pallets of food as well. Without these spacers, the stack might collapse on top of the food and cause injury to those working nearby. They can prevent this type of catastrophic event and ensure that all of the food is stored correctly.

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What exactly are pallet freezer spacers? They are straightforward, plastic wrist band like pieces that extend out from the bottom of the storage racks at various intervals. They are intended to keep the plastic wrap from melting into the thin plastic material that lines each pallet. The plastic wrap that lines each compartment of a freezer is usually made of polyethylene, which cannot withstand the high temperatures necessary to thaw food inside them safely. In addition, as the food thaws, it leaves a sticky residue on the inside of the plastic wrap, which can easily damage the material if it is not removed.

There are two types of pallet freezer spacers to choose from. One is called the maximum air release, and the other is the minimum air release. The maximum air release model allows the lid to remain closed as the food is being thawed. It means that even though the food may be exposed to high temperatures, the plastic wrapping will not melt. However, it is essential to note that this type of product does require a much higher rate of cooling than the minimum air model. It is primarily because the maximum air release model releases 100% of the heated air from the inside of the container, allowing the freezer to keep the food cold for a much longer time.

The minimum air release model also allows the lid to stay closed, but the plastic material is less thick and does not require as much cooling. These products are generally only found in professional-grade commercial freezers. Although they can be used for home grade freezers, they do not provide the same quality of function and safety. If you use these products, be sure that they are paired with a quality plastic pallet spacer so that the plastic material does not damage the inner quality of your freezer. Otherwise, your freezer will be at risk of overheating and exploding.

The final type of pallet freezer spacers is the stacked pallet, spacer models. These are typically used for commercial-grade products that are sensitive to high temperatures. They allow the shelves to remain lined up correctly so that the product will not become damaged or at risk of falling off the shelves while it is being thawed. Using these models ensures that the plastic pallet material is thick enough to protect the product from high temperatures. Otherwise, the stack may warp, which could result in collapse and leakage.

There are also plastic pallet spacer models that feature a locking mechanism so the shelves will not move out of alignment with the freezer’s contents. This type of mechanism will ensure that the shelves will not move out of alignment with the contents, which could cause them to become damaged and at risk of falling off the shelves while they are being frozen. These products are usually only found on higher-end commercial freezers, which are much more durable and reliable. However, if you are purchasing a model for your home freezer, be sure that it is rated to hold the weight limit for the freezer’s contents. Otherwise, you could have some serious problems since the plastic pallets may be too thin to handle the weight of the contents.