Digital printing is arguably the most economical and practical method used today when it comes to producing a small run of prints. It is like the middle ground for private individuals and businesses as it addresses the specific needs of both niches.

The concept of digital printing revolves around the use of modern methods, particularly digital files, in place of conventional printing plates. It offers various undeniable advantages and perks that make it the preferred method these days. The list includes:

1 – Cheap Printing

There was a time in history when offset printing was the only thing available, but only the wealthy businesses and companies could afford it. The reason was that the use of offset printing required plates to be made, plus there were associated setup fees. So, if someone needed a small print run, paying for the plates and setup fees was impractical.

What happens with offset printing is that when the quantity for printing increases, it becomes cheaper. Now if you’re a small company focused on the local market, you could find yourself forced between choosing quality offset printing at a premium price or settle for low-quality print.

Thanks to the arrival of digital Printers Adelaide, offset printing no longer enjoys exclusivity. Digital printing does not require setup fees. In other words, everyone may have a few printing runs without being stressed about operational costs.  When your printing quantity goes up, you get the opportunity to save money.

2 – High-Quality Printing

Offset printing indeed offers the best print quality, but digital printing is quite close. The truth is that if you print two postcards using the two printing options, the untrained eye will find it impossible to tell the difference.

Because there is almost no difference, it means that people are opting to invest in digital Printers Adelaide instead since it is economical. You don’t worry about getting low-quality results out of digital printers because modern technology is making it possible to come up with high-quality printing at a fraction of the cost of offset printing. So, if you are a small or start-up business, it makes sense to go for digital printers because of the affordable initial outlay.

3 – Multiple Options

There is no denying that the early days of digital printing resulted in poor quality prints. However, it is no longer the case in the past couple of decades. Businesses and companies, including graphic designers and engineers, now have multiple digital printing options. You can even choose a printing solution that specifically addresses your unique needs. It is what makes digital printing advantageous compared to offset printing.

While there still are practical uses for offset printing like in making large print runs, the truth is that digital printing is your best bet for the high-quality yet low initial investment.