Constructing a pergola and adding it to your outdoor space will not only increase the overall value of your house but will also enhance your outdoor living experience. Victory Home Improvements Pergolas are among the most attractive and functional outdoor structures that you can add to your property. But before you can achieve that feature, you’ll need to build it first. Before you start building your pergola, we’ve compiled three essential things that you should do before you add one at home.

Determine the Frost Depth in Your Area

Victory Home Improvements PergolasFrost depth comprises the levels to which the ground in your area freezes during the winter season. When you insert the support beams for your pergola into the soil, make sure you’re going below the frost level of your respective location. Beams that are sitting well above the frost zone will result in all of the freezing and thawing happening to thrust the beams up and out of their holes. As you can tell, it will ruin your pergola in the process. Verify your region’s frost depth through your local building authority. Click here to learn more.

Do You Need a Building Permit?

While you’re on the phone talking to your local building authority, also take the time to verify whether you’ll need a special permit for this type of construction project. Most of the time, it’s not likely since Victory Home Improvements pergolas aren’t technically completed structure. However, a permit will be necessary if you plan on adding electricity to your pergola to power certain accessories such as fans or lighting fixtures. In contrast, you can avoid having to get permits for electrical work by accessorizing your lighting needs. For instance, you can use low-voltage outdoor living items instead.

Contact Your Local Utility Provider

Don’t forget to contact your local utility provider before you begin constructing your pergola. Many backyard DIY enthusiasts have started digging into the ground only to end up running into electric lines or gas tanks. Being in this scenario can be dangerous and expensive to fix. So, if you don’t want your expenses to add up, always check with your utility company in your area and determine these spots. They will come to your home and mark any lines in your yard for you to prevent any accidents from happening during the period of your construction project.

Victory Home Improvements pergolas are some of the best outdoor features that you can get for your home. So, if you’re interested, contact our professional builders today and have them help you build your dream pergola. Click here to learn more.