Renovating your wardrobe is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever take part in. Even if you’re not doing the job yourself, taking part in the designing and planning processes is already a great experience in itself. Here are the best 2019 wardrobe ideas from your Hills Robes and Kitchens experts.

This year is all about the neutral hues. Adelaide homeowners have tried and experimented with white, grey, black, and other metallic colours as part of the 2019 theme. Check out the ideas below!

  1. Walk-in Closet

wardrobes adelaideMany celebrities and influential people have already explored the possibilities with walk-in closets. The best thing about this option is you can always rearrange the setup of your wardrobe for different seasons. Consult with your Hills Robes and Kitchens expert to find out more about colours and add-ons you should consider for the project.

  1. Sliding Doors

A black sliding door will suit your grey or pale white wardrobe best. In Adelaide, sliding doors are very popular due to the convenience they bring. You won’t have to worry about your clothes getting stained or dusty!

  1. No Doors

In many homes, some wardrobes don’t have doors for the spaces where they hang shirts and other clothing. If you want to adopt the same idea, you can leave the clothesline spaces without doors and ask your contractor to create multiple drawers for other belongings.

  1. Secret Passage

This is probably the most exciting idea in the list. If you think only libraries and hidden bedrooms can have secret passages, you’re missing out on something! Ask your contractor about a wardrobe plan with a secret door. Depending on the existing design of your bedroom, the closet size will vary.

  1. Minimalist

White is a neutral colour, and this hue is always associated with minimalism. For wardrobes Adelaide, white is still a trending colour that you can match with accent shades such as silver or grey. Many contractors specialize in minimalist designs, so rest assured that your project will be just as you imagined.

  1. Vanity Wall

If the space you’ve allotted for your wardrobe is vast anyway, why not add a vanity wall? A mirror will help you find the right match for the day and your vanity area will help in touching up your makeup. If you don’t wear a lot of makeup, you can place perfumes and other toiletries in the vanity to avoid dull backgrounds.

Wardrobes are a thing of today and the future. Don’t get left behind in the closet wars! Consult with the best contractors in Adelaide, and you’ll soon enjoy the comforts of a well-constructed closet.