Paris is the city of lights, love, and life. It is the dream home of many people, and it is also the favoured destination of travellers who want a closer look at Europe.

Whether you’re staying in Paris throughout your European tour or you’ll move to other regions after a few weeks, you may want to include the following items in your luggage to make sure you’ll get the best out of the experience.

Summer Hat

You’ll need a hat as you walk around the daylight streets of Paris and other cities in France. Hats are excellent add-ons for travelling as these will help keep your face away from direct sunlight in places that encourage walking and strolling.


When you travel to Paris, it is best to wear Womens Sandals Online from Wildfire Shoes. Sandals are perfect for walking around the area while enjoying romantic and eye-catching scenery in the city, mainly if your itinerary includes resto or café hopping.

You can check out various options under Womens Sandals Online from Wildfire Shoes that should fit your daily get-up while you stay in Paris. Choose from a variety of sizes and colours to better fit your choice of clothes for the entire journey. The brand offers various styles for different get-ups.

Trendy Bag

Bags should always be a part of your travels. If you did your homework on Paris, you’ll discover that tourists often bring small shoulder bags or handbags that should ease hassles when you visit a city that promotes strolling and shop hopping.

If you’re not bringing a lot of things for your day out, you might as well opt for a small sling purse that will keep you company as you travel through the fun-filled streets of Paris.

Not Just Any Camera

In this age and time, it is almost mandatory to bring a phone that has a high-quality camera. While you can always use your phone to snap photos, you may want to bring a DSLR camera that will really bring your memories to life. If you’re not very technical when it comes to picture-taking, you can opt for a Polaroid camera that will immediately print the photos you take on your European trip.


It’s always best to bring sunscreen when you’re travelling – whether it’s in Paris or not. The sun’s rays can give you serious sunburns, especially if you have sensitive skin. The main issue is protection from potential health risks that too much sun can bring.

Paris is the city that many people dream of visiting. If you’ve been gifted with the opportunity to travel to France, get the best out of the experience by being prepared for the activities lined up for you!